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for your pet.

We believe pets are family & our family deserves the best. That is why all of our products are handcrafted with your pet’s health in mind from the very start. We source directly from small farms across the U.S. which allows us to cut out the middleman and experience firsthand where our products come from. We then dehydrate our products low and slow to evaporate any moisture, while still retaining vital nutrients. Our single ingredient treats, and chews are a simple and convenient way to add whole foods to your pets diet. Simply add to meals, or feed as is! Our products are made with only the highest quality ingredients and no compromises were made in bringing your pets the best quality snacks they not only crave but deserve. No fillers, additives or hard to pronounce ingredients.  Just simple, all-natural snacks made to benefit your pets.


NOTE: Because most of our products are made from local sources, Pet Pantry inventory may vary according to season and availability.

Please also note, that because our treats are made with no preservatives or additives, there will still be some naturally occurring oils on our products. For this reason, we recommend storing treats in the fridge for up to 2 weeks, or in the freezer if you do not plan to feed right away.

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