Pastured Chicken Noggins

Pastured Chicken Noggins


Treat your pet to a six piece, A six piece chicken noggin snack! These chicken heads come from 100% pasture-raised chicken, these dehydrated chicken heads are fully digestible, humanely raised, and perfect for all size dogs.


Chicken heads are full of glucosamine and chondroitin, which is great for joints and hips!


High in healthy fats.


& the full head makes it denser in nutrients and bone matter to make a great addition for a raw diet! Plus an extra added organ...Brain!


Ingredients: Chicken heads


(6 pc/pk)


*Please be aware that any product with bone may splinter. By purchasing this item you acknowledge you are aware of the risks associated with feeding bone-in products and will not hold the Pet Pantry lialble for any incidents that may occur when feeding this type of treat or chew*