About Si's Pet Pantry...

We are Denise & Ted, husband and wife team based just outside of Atlanta. We run the Pet Pantry with the help of our son, 3 cats and dog! We started Si's Pet Pantry when Osiris, our German Shepherd joined our family. Early on we decided to feed him a raw diet & In turn, we began to learn more and more about species appropriate diets & the benefits of adding whole foods to our pets meals.  As part of this process we began to create unique recipes for his meals, and of course with that, came creating healthy snacks and ''treats'' that could also supplement his main diet.

With so many unknown ingredients & fillers in the treats at pet stores, we knew other pet parents had to be struggling to find healthy alternatives, like we did! Finding quality products seemed be a scavenger hunt. And we didn't think it should be! So with a giant leap into the unknown, we purchased our first dehydrator in the summer of 2018, bought some odds & ends from a local farm and wallah! The Pet pantry was created. We are so pleased to finally share some of our pets favorites with you!

We understand your pets are family, and you wouldn't feed any products to your family that you didn't know the ingredients of! Here at Si's Pet Pantry we pride ourselves on transparency. All of our treats, chews and broth's are made with limited ingredients that have been hand selected from small farms across the U.S. to provide your pet with optimal nutrients. We use only the freshest, whole foods possible to deliver superb quality. Everything is made with your pet's in mind. No secret additives or preservatives EVER.

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